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Are you a university or union wanting to engage better with the 'mobile information generation'? Clustr has you covered


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Our goal is to simplify access to all areas of campus life.

Student "Canvas"

Student experience sorted from freshers week to final year.

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Select what you love most, and spend more time having FUN!!

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Clustr FAQs

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Clustr App is 100% free for students to use. Clustr Cloud for universities has a small monthly subscription for access to the Admin Dashboard to understand, manage and transform the student experience using real-time analytics.

Use Clustr to simplify student life. You can organise university events, connect with new mates, keep in-the-know with notifications, stay on top of your lectures or deadlines and easily find the important resources you need to make the most out of campus life! Clustr is designed to make every students life easier.

Today’s students demand tailored information and content based on their personal interests and needs. Clustr uses a recommendation engine with built-in machine learning capability to suggest targeted events, services, and content to students.

Instead of searching across multiple websites, flyers and boards, we've rolled everything a student needs to be successful into one place: their phone. A personalised user experience means students will always see the most relevant content.

Native integrations enable real-time access to all of the critical academic tools, including courses, discussions, and grades. Rather than making students click through or log into multiple sites, single-sign on ensures security and a smooth user experience.

Staying on top of multiple deadlines can be challenging enough and email-reminders just add to the clutter. With targeted SIS/LMS-triggered push-notifications, students receive reminders, alerts and critical notifications in real-time, directly on their mobile device.

Current students, alumni and prospective students (or any other custom persona you want to build) get an experience tailored to their needs. What does this mean? Custom content, different log-ins, and any other type of personalised content you want to provide.

Finally, one place to manage all of your campus content, student communications and engagement data. With a broad suite of tools at your disposal, you can create messages, update your campus app or even extract student lists and send to other departments.

How have events performed over the past 30 days? How many students have engaged with multiple touch-points this semester? Questions about student engagement can now be answered quickly, are easily accessible and customised with the click of a button.

All information is protected using encryption technology and your personal details are stored in compliance with the latest GDPR EU standards.


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  • 90% Adoption: Institutions can achieve adoption rates above 90% for first year students
  • 85% Student Feedback: Administrators are able to assess programming with an 85%+ student feedback rate
  • 250 Staff Hours Saved: Students can help reduce 250 hours of support time by crowd-sourcing answers
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